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Top 10 Tips For Renting Office Space

Posted on February 23, 2014 by RentedOfficeSpace in office space, Tips

There are many things that a person needs to consider when they are looking to rent office space. Taking their time in locating the right one will be a very wise decision. They will want to make their move when they know it is right. Rushing to a decision on a rental unit for their business will not help them in the long run. They should take all of these 10 reasons into consideration before they decide on where they want their office to be.

1. Location – The location of a business office is very important. A business owner wants to make sure that they are in an area where their customers will be able to get to them in a convenient way. They should make sure that it is in an area that is traveled frequently. Paying attention to what is nearby to the unit is also important. Customers will frequent places that are close to gas stations and stores for their convenience.2. Accessibility – Having a business space is important, and a business owner needs to make sure that people can get to their office. That means they should check for accessibility from the street and parking lot so that people, healthy or handicapped, can get to it. The unit should have a good sidewalk for the entrance, and the street that it is on should be free from obstacles that could stop someone from getting to the building.3. Computer Access – A business owner should make sure that they place that they are going to rent has good access to computer service. They will need to have a computer in order to conduct their business on a regular basis. Since having a computer is a necessity into today’s marketplace, a business owner should make sure that they can get the service that they need.4. Space – Having the space that is needed is very important for a business owner. They should make sure that the rental space will allow them to move in all the equipment that they need and still have room to move around. Measurements should be taken of the items that they need to have in their office, and then they can compare them with the space that they are renting. It may be difficult to just judge the space, and that is why the measurements will come in handy. They will also want to consider how they will move their items into the unit once they decide to rent it.

5. Utilities – When they are looking around for different office units to rent, they should compare how much the utilities will be. This is important because it is an ongoing expense. Checking into how much their heat will cost is important, so they will want to make sure that they know approximately how much it will be each month. They can ask the landlord about the utilities and how much they cost the previous owner. This should all be on record, and they will want to use this information to help them make a decision on whether to rent the space or not.

6. Storage Space – Having a business requires a space that has places to store things. This might include a back room where file cabinets and other types of storage containers can be kept. The more storage space that is available, the better a business owner can organize their office. Staying organized is very important to how they will be able to get their daily business completed. Storage space will definitely help them.

7. Solid Foundation – When a business owner is checking out the unit, they should look at all aspects of it. They should check to make sure that it has a solid foundation, and that the windows, walls and other parts of it are in good shape. They will go into a lot of expense if the unit has problems when they move into it, so it is important to check out all the details before they rent it.

8. Parking – In order to have a business where customers will be visiting the unit, a business owner needs to consider what type of parking they will have to offer their customers. People don’t like to have to walk far from where they park, so a business owner should take a look at the parking situation before they decide on a rental unit. If parking is a problem, they might want to consider another location that will give them the available parking situation that they are looking for.

9. Price – When a person is looking for office space, they have to consider the price of the unit. They need to watch their budget, and make sure that they get something that will fit in with their financial situation. They should also ask if the rent is subject to change and at what time. Usually, the renter will let them know this from the beginning.

10. Taxes – Checking into the tax structure in the area is very important for a business owner. They should make sure that they understand how much they will need to pay in taxes before they choose a certain unit. They can also apply for different discounts that the area might provide for a new business owner. They should check with the county to see what options are available to them.

Once a person finds the place that they want to rent for their business, they should put in a bid for it. Good office space rents out quickly, and they will want to make sure that they get their shot at obtaining it. After they have checked into all the above details, they should be able to make a sound decision on the place that they want to obtain for their business. Making a good, solid decision will allow them to get the place that will work well with their situation.