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4 Powerful Tips for Renting Small Office Spaces in London

Posted on April 30, 2016 by Kristine Clemen in office space, Tips

Renting your first office space is rousing, to say the least. Not only are you launching your business, you’re making it official by signing a contract on an office space in London. But selecting any old office is a serious mistake. Office space rentals in London are a plenty. Finding the right one for your business isn’t quite so easy.

Here are four ways you can make sure you get the best office space rental London has to offer.

  1. Request Your Desired Lease Duration

With your first office space, don’t get locked in to a several year contract. The last thing you want or need is to be stuck in an office space if your business goes under or be restricted by a space that doesn’t accommodate a growing business.

  1. Don’t Expect to Get Your Deposit Back

Most office space in London requires a deposit. If you’re banking on that deposit coming back around after your lease, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Most landlords don’t offer a return for deposits, and consider it as a cleaning fee for your space once you move out. Mark the deposit off as an investment and move on.

  1. Do a Check on Your Landlord

Sure, landlords are typically the ones who check you out, but if you’re a smart business person you know how important it is that you partner with the right people. When it comes to your office space rental in London, this rule applies. Verify their rental history and read any online reviews about their business to ensure they’ll be the right fit.

  1. Determine Who is Responsible for Repairs/Maintenance

If your rent is fairly high, you won’t have the extra cash flow to make repairs. Read your lease closely, or better yet ask straight out if your landlord intends to repay for repairs and maintenance on the building you’re renting. Even if you only have a verbal agreement, you’ll have leverage if something goes south in your building.

Get the best deal on your new office space rental in London by following our advice. We have extensive experience with retail and office space rentals, so our advice can be trusted.


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